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4. 为了减轻服务器压力,使网站运行得更快,我们只能保存您最近180天的订单历史。

If you decide to register an account, you must fully accept and comply with our terms of service
1.UNLOCK.HK is just a product display platform that makes it easy for you to purchase unlocking services from suppliers. Before you submit your order, please fully understand your country's laws and regulations allowing you to unlock your mobile phone.
2.If you are a reseller, please make sure that your customer unlock requirements are legal, and your country's law allows the phone to unlock.
3.Please strictly prohibit any "lost", "stolen" and "blacklisted" mobile phone to provide unlocking services, and we will not be responsible for your actions at any time
4.To alleviate server stress and make the site run faster, we can only save your most recent 180-day order history.
If you disagree in any content, you should leave the site immediately.

The register account needs first prepay 50USD=50credit, We accept that your payment will activate your account within 1-2 working days
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